Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ODE Resource Packet: 'Questions to Consider'

The ODE website was a helpful tool because it allowed me to become more familiarized with state standards and resources that I will need in order to create a successful Work Sample.

Questions to consider:

Challenging High End Learners: Addressing Oregon Standards and Benchmark
Section I: Introduction (pgs. 6-11)

1. How will this be useful?

The guidelines for assessing the needs for high end learners was very informative. Implementing
acceleration, complexity, depth, challenge, and creativity in their curriculum is important. This insures their
enhancement in the content area.

Publications- Oregon Standards Newspaper

2. How will this resource help me identify state standards that I must address?

The ODE newspaper discusses the December 2008 State Board of Education adoption of Educational Technology
Standards to replace the existing Instructional Technology Common Curriculum Goals. They identify different
ways to enhance learning through technology. Technology in the classroom should be used to innovate creative
ideas using current technology. In addition, technology should be used to collaborate and access information.

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