Friday, October 23, 2009


iMovie '09 is a great way to import, organize, and edit video. You can also add pictures to iMovie. My video included film that I used from Ashley's camera, my computer's camera, and pictures that people put on facebook(Beware!). You can also organize your film by displaying them together in a file. All you have to do is drag your pics/video and put add them to the right side of the screen where the empty boxes appear. Then save them underneath the desired title. Some of the editing features include stabilizing shaky video and trimming edits between video clips. This is a great way to make your video look more professional!
With this program you can also add background music to your movie. I used music that I had downloaded from itunes. In addition, iMovie can enhance your movie by adding transition between videos and adding text onto your clip(s). There are many other features that can add creativity to your video. You should check them out. It's fun!!
Once you are done creating your video you can share it with other people. With iMovie '09 you can publish your movies to Your MobileMe Gallery or YouTube very easily. I was having a hard time publishing my iMovie video. My iMovie is on the older 6.0.3 version. I am not sure if I can publish mine as easily as iMovie '09. The way that I was able to download my iMovie was to change it to the Quick Time Player format, and then download it onto my blog.
I enjoyed making this movie with Ashley. We had a blast! I also felt as if it brought out a lot of our creativity!! We are now wanting to be music video directors.....and teachers!!!

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